Problems with the Indian Judiciary System

Dear Indians,

In Indian Constitution, Judiciary is the main pillar for the savior of the Theme of the constitution and the healer for the Indian People Rights. But a Question Rises why these Courts are cursed due to its Delay in Justice ?

In India , Justice from the courts is like a bless in the today's world. Guess the number of pending and unsolved cases in lower courts (Courts excluding High courts and supreme courts)? - 2.68 Crores, literally (2,68,51,766).

All Of us want to know the reasons behind the Justice Delayed Procedure in India. The Main Reasons are following:


1. Indian Judiciary allows appellate Jurisdiction till the apex courts and consequent prolific adjournments.

2. Lack of required number of judges and infrastructure and staff.

3. No alternate dispute settlement system like 'out of court settlements'.

(This is not Full Blog with Solution) I have Taken Few Lines From my Blog. Central Idea is given for the Discussion.

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