Innovation Universities Bill Stuck, Funds for existing Varsities only - U.G.C.

Idea of the University Grant Commission 
With a Bill to set up 14 world-class innovation universities stuck in Parliament, the University Grants Commission has come up with an alternative plan — to pump in funds for innovative projects, research and governance ideas in the existing universities.
Funds ranging from Rs 25 crore to Rs 300 crore would be given by the UGC under the plan, to universities coming up with innovative ideas in higher education, be it teaching, research or organisational research.These funds cannot be used for usual infrastructure development, setting up of new departments, routine improvements in teaching, supporting professional bodies or implementation of UGC regulations.
Central and state universities that have been operating for 10 years and have 'A' level accreditation from the National Assessment & Accreditation Council will be eligible for the scheme.
"The basic objective is to promote innovative ways of learning, sharing and collectively growing within and without."
But the Indian Government is not ready to allocate that sources due to financial constraints so that will be applicable only to the existing Universities and their course curricula.
Earlier Conception of this Idea
The Bill to set up 14 innovation universities had been moved by the UPA I government but has been stuck along with several other legislations on educational reforms.

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