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Decision (Favorable Comment) Views of the Expert Committee

After a lot of discussion and conferences, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided to introduce a one-year LLM programme in universities from academic year 2013-14. However, law professors in the city are not happy with the decision as they believe it will dilute quality of the post graduate programme.
As per the UGC website, an expert committee constituted by the UGC has submitted the guidelines for introduction of the one-year LLM programme. The programme will be introduced only in universities/ institutions with a centre for post graduate legal studies. The universities fulfilling guidelines will be allowed to conduct the one-year programme.

Main Reason for the Decision
The main reason the UGC is converting the two-year programme to a one-year course is to prevent brain drain of law students, said the principal of a reputed law college in the city."Developed countries have one-year post graduation programme. Indian students prefer to study and subsequently work there which is a major cause for worry for our country. Hence, the UGC is introducing this programme. However, reducing a year without ensuring proper infrastructure in colleges will harm students," she said.
"UGC prescribes 90 days of compulsory teaching for LLB courses. The university starts colleges in June-end and conducts exams in the first week of October following which the colleges are closed for holidays. Hence, many things prescribed by UGC remain on paper.

Preparation Towards Decision
A senior member of the UoP's law department said, "The 17 premier law schools in the country have amenities, faculty members and funds to actually convert the course into a one-year programme. But in other 1,100 state universities and colleges, it is impossible to qualitatively implement it. But if one university does it, there will be competition among all others to attract students which in turn will put additional pressure on already over burdened staff," said the official.
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News Source : The Indian Express
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